The Association of Therapeutic Neuro Linguistic Programming was established in 2010. ATNLP is a national professional body whose aim is to promote and assure high standards in the practice of Therapeutic NLP. Registration demands good quality training, ethical practice and adherence to our code of conduct. So you can choose a therapist with confidence. 


1. Take NLP back to its Therapeutic Roots.  

2. Transform the lives of those suffering from all stress related conditions.           

3. Teach Therapeutic NLP to all health care professionals within the UK. 


Martin Webster CEO & ATNLP, ATC, ATH & HMS Master Trainer

Chris Batty ATNLP, ATC, ATH & HMS Trainer 

Tracey Ramsey ATNLP, ATC, ATH & HMS Trainer 

Donna Carole Smith ATNLP, ATC, ATH & HMS Trainer 

Katrina Milton ATNLP,  ATC, ATH & HMS Trainer 

James Downey ATNLP, ATC, ATH & HMS Trainer

Delia Hart ATNLP, ATC, ATH & HMS Trainer 

Peter Hart ATNLP, ATC, ATH & HMS Trainer

Chris Woodruffe ATNLP, ATC, ATH & HMS Trainer 

Phillip Gilson-Smith ATNLP, ATH & HMS Trainer 


All Practitioners we train share these same values, which is why they choose to be members of the Association of Therapeutic NLP. ATNLP enables them to promote these shared values effectively to their potential clients and demonstrate their own commitment to best practice, accreditation and standards in NLP. We recognise that choosing the right NLP Practitioner for your needs can be confusing. To reduce the risk of potential pitfalls, we are here to encourage best practice amongst NLP Professionals, provide impartial advice and help you make the best choice.


All Training Courses are Certified & Self Regulated by the: Association of Therapeutic NLP (ATNLP), 

Association of Therapeutic Hypnosis (ATH), Association of HMS Therapists (AHMS) & Association of Therapeutic Coaching (ATC)

All Certified Practitioners, Master Practitioners & Trainers must comply by the Standards, Conditions and the Health and

Safety Restrictions set by all Four Associations.The purpose is to protect and maintain the public safety. 

Accredited Practitioners, Masters & Trainers are registered at these websites:

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